Our goal with PENN Athletics Travel Soccer is to put our players and our teams in a position to succeed. We believe proper training by qualified professionals is the best way to achieve our goal.


  • All tryouts for the 2016/2017 Soccer Year will take place during April at PENN Athletics.
  • Click a team link below for tryout dates and times.
  • Each player receives a FREE PENN Athletics Tryout Shirt.
  • NO tryout fee.
  • Players ARE allowed to play up.
  • Prospective players are encouraged to attend all tryout dates.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact the club.

Teams forming for the 2016/2017 Soccer Year

Boys Teams

Girls Teams

Professional Team Management

PENN Athletics Travel Soccer Teams are professionally managed. By centrally managing the tremendous amount of off-the-field work required for each travel soccer team, our team staffs are free to focus on training and coaching. PENN Athletics centrally manages the following for each team:

  • US Youth Soccer player registrations.
  • US Club Soccer player registrations.
  • Hiring professional trainers and coaches.
  • Collecting and maintaining all background clearances.
  • Securely and confidentially collecting and maintaining player documents, such as birth certificates, medical release forms, player pictures and RG-6 forms.
  • Scheduling practices, games, tournaments, indoor & outdoor facilities, trainers, and coaches.

PENN Athletics utilizes TeamSnap for all team and club communications.

Tired of A, B, C team chaos?

Many clubs create A, B, and C teams. Some even create D and F teams. In one or two tryouts, clubs attempt to evaluate and correctly place all players within an age group across multiple teams for the coming soccer year. It's a challenge and usually rife with placement errors.

There's another way...

Each PENN Athletics team is independent of any other team within our club. We do not use A, B or C team labels and players do not tryout for an age group, they tryout for a specific team. In addition, a tryout is an opportunity for a player to see if a specific team is the right fit for them, and for the club to determine if a prospective player is a good fit for the team.

Of course, multiple teams within an age group will likely vary in competitive level, but not necessarily. One team could even surpass another team within the same age group in some cases. Again, each PENN Athletics team is independent of any other team within our club.

Older Teams

Anyone interested in forming a team in the U13-U17 age groups, please Contact the club. We will gladly conduct tryouts and support your team, as we would any other team within PENN Athletics.